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Sports Aluminum Bottle Souvenirs - Corporate Gifts, Souvenirs, Promotional Premium Gifts

Sports aluminum bottle is durable, strength and anti-corrosion that aluminum bottle is widely used in daily life. Moreover, aluminum bottle provides large space for printing logo, slogan and promotional message that it has become popular corporate gift.

Why aluminum bottle is anti-corrosion? It's due to the inner printing coating. The main ingredients of the inner coating are epoxy which is divided into two kinds of water-based and oil-based resin. It does no harm to our health. In addition, it helps avoid the chemical reaction when water, juice, milk, tea and alcoholic mixed with aluminum pot. Therefore, the factors that would affect the safety of using aluminum depend on the inner material, the thickness of the inner coating, the baking temperature, etc.

Another point you should pay attention to is you’d better use aluminum bottle with package. The package can keep the beverages warm for longer, avoid collision and scald. Corporate could print some tips of using aluminum bottles to show your carefulness to your customers when using aluminum bottle as a promotional gift. That will improve your brand.